Wednesday, December 31, 2014


So the year as come and gone in the blink of an eye... as is tradition, I figured I'd actually take this seriously and lay out some personal resolutions for 2015:
  • Be more sociable, empathetic, stop being so quiet and actually take initiative to talk and speak out thoroughly.
  • Improve time management, and organizing. Focus on a task, avoiding 21st century distractions, suffer thru what needs to be done first and bask in leisure later (a lesson I've had to learn the hard way). Perform check lists, utilize calendar for more than leisure.
  • Get at least two works of fictions out. Be it infamous Valleydog or Elevations or whatever comes to mind. At the very least focus on that work and not whine about lack of appreciation for something that hasn't even been fleshed out yet. 
  • Reduce vanity. 
  • Save up and begin process for employment and moving out, cut ties with family without being forced to burn bridges. Improve financing.
  • Be happy, genuine positive outlook and not just derpy.
  • Stop relying on twitter as lifeblood; reduce tweet output and focus on more worthwhile work. People don't stop thinking about you if you log off for a bit.
  • Be more active (the most generic of resolutions, I know).
  • Don't be afraid of input and review. A punch in the face is good for improvement.
  • Actually stay dedicated to a task

    Of course, whether or not these actually will stay in place is debatable (as they usually are), but definitely gives some thought. Considering habits, I really do need to watch myself, keep notes on these if I were to achieve them (coming from one who hoped to get Valleydog animated come Winter 2013.... I'm an amitious thinker?).

Monday, December 22, 2014

An Urban Frolic: Tigers and Huskies and Horses, oh my!

The Bay Area has a surprisingly vast furry community. About one of every 15 or so furries you may find online will have some presence here, and there is more or less a meet every other day (in some cases overlapping in the same day). It is ridiculously easy (well, relatively speaking) to make connections and be active, in a surprisingly tightnit, however vast, community. You could practically immerse yourself in the fandom around here, if you so desire (not that such is recommended, for sanity). By comparison, from my own standpoint as I've come to realize over the past two years of living here, this place is pretty much spoiled with the furry activity.

I had wanted to get involved since finding the fandom in my younger and more vulnerable years, just something about meeting other animal people seemed pretty awesome. Of course, being in a small college town and, well, young didn't really help matters at the time. It did jumpstart my art hobby, but that's another topic for another time. I did join the two local(ish) communities at the time: SacFurs (because, hey, there might have been one or two others in the small town of Davis), and BAF (despite being a good 80 miles away from the centre of such), and hearing plenty from the latter (also another topi-... actually I digress), and the high amount of furmeets in that area compared to the sparse organization for the closer Sacramento. Again, I digress, but I did find out about the legendary, almost mythical, Frolic from such, and things that entailed....

Or so I thought. I never did get a chance to check it out (occasionally holding a grudge to it) until December 2013, when necessity for an ill-fated video project prompted me to go. Having heard of what goes on, I had...reservations and a bit of hesitance expecting, to put it lightly, a wild party of debauchery. Needless to say, this was judgmental overthought like a public perception of furry fandom, upon witnessing what is pretty much at least on the outside (having been underage at the time) a casual fur meet without a verbal filter, in San Francisco, that lasts right up until morning. I did return twice again the following year in two subsequent months, latter not by intent. Having an enjoyable time....until the need to use the restroom hits and pretty much being unable to find relief due to an out-of-order gas station and being just under 21 at the time. The meet just wasn't as high a priority at the time for that reason alone (transportation between SJ and SF and overnight notwithstanding) save for special occasions.

And having turned 21 on the first week of December, you can bet I made an effort in attending this time around, having been anticipating for months...while not to the regrettable extent as Rainfurrest, there was plenty of excitement... and figuring out best way to prepare for the interior, which also proved to be overthinking.

Anywho, I left my household around 2pm to grab an early bite downtown and wait at Diridon station for a husky, to tag along to San Francisco around 5. I arrived in the station an hour early, so took care of a few buying a ticket upon finding that said husky would be running late, and helping him get there; we both dashed up aboard the train, a Baby Bullet Express, just literally a minute before the doors closed. The ride itself isn't anything to write home about. It was fast, it was comfy, I enjoyed chatting with a husky as we zoomed past glowing lights and into San Francisco. It was a train thing, though could've done with more water.... okay there were plenty of Santa hats... everywhere, upon exiting the train at 4th&King. Apparently Santa Con (yes, that's a thing) happened, with block upon blocks of various civilians in Santa hats as we tried to find the right Muni bus to the Stud - and waited as it stood for a while. Nontheless, we did get onboard a short ride, and stopped just right across the street. For a first time, that wasn't too bad. 

Walking thrice across the street, and coming across a few fellow early birds...early dogs? Bit of a low-key start, with animals whom I don't really associate with let alone know much about. Very quick conversations of "what's up" that are cut short by short attention spans and more exciting folks were had. So far, it kinda felt like one of this awkward parties that you don't really know anyone, and BS your way around. This, combined with a pressing (and chronic, yay for waters) need for restroom, prompted me to step inside.

Maybe my  poor sense of exterior architecture and interior misjudgement got to me, but I was surprised with how open and and paradoxically how compact everything was. Very quiet and cozy bar, with an undersea cove kinda feel enhanced only by the wavy lights highlighting a Marilyn Monroe, and a...rather compact dance floor in the back, perhaps a bit too early? Yay reverse furry time. Apparently the event wasn't set-up yet, so a bit of a back-and-forth while animals slowly came in as the clock struck 8, and then some. I ran into a few more familiar fur friends who know who they are. Planned to tag along with them for an outing as the event warmed up. Apparently I derped on communication and misheard a "leaving now" for a "be right back".. after a good half hour of a moonmoon-like waiting and erratic socialization before realizing said derp. Discussed a few good writing ideas with a fursuiter while stocking up on energy at the nearby Shell as an impromptu handler. Brief compliments ("nice furry you have") from the merchants were given, they're probably used to this every month... then again, it is San Francisco.

The meet soon packed up on crowd, and I went back and forth socializing within, and just sitting by the aforementioned husky. The feeling was quite surreal. I even got a very personal and  motivational speech from a technicolor wolf with glasses of all things. Good catching up, as well as seeing various furs I haven't seen in a long while (those appearing from out of NorCal and CA in general surprised me). I walked with a couple more furs to a crepe stand not too far. The clock struck 11 or so, time flew fast. It was a pleasant diversion, and the meal was good, much needed treat.

 The night rolled on, and perhaps a s a right of passage was offered a drink. Appreciative nice gesture aside, Either I'm still not used to the taste, or just the way the drink was prepared, but there was something about long island iced tea that just tasted strongly like slurping up a cup of mouthwash. Took a few sips enjoying the company from a horse, 'twas a nice time, almost cozy in this zone of warmth and comfort that spread on to the dance itself, where it just clicked. It was loud as marf, yes.. heck I nearly strained my voice inside, but the place was just full of energy! The intimate space made for a more immersive feel for the dance. I guess you can say it was an example in great things coming in small packages.

Time had to come to an end, and around 2am soon had to part ways with this acid trip assortment of animals. Bidding farewell, I departed with furs back to Saint Joseph's town into the peninsula mountains amid a foggy night.

I really enjoyed my time. Save for some...affections (maybe I'm desensitized at this point?), any assumptions dispelled. In fact, as time went on, Frolic just felt like another furmeet mixed in with a dance, a wild, big fuzzy party in the city. While I doubt I would make an effort to routinely do the monthly trip (I would quickly become desensitized to the event as I am with most meets, and going to San Francisco for a night party, however enticing... doesn't quite justify a trip for me), Frolic certainly was worth the wait, and I'd probably leave the option to for special occasion. Like all events of course, it isn't much a priority (and really, I'm trying ween off the meets after a binge for a year and making a habit), but all in good fun. Makes me appreciative to be in this area, with activities like this in (relatively) easy reach (and more on  this in a later, also belated post).

Nevertheless, thank you for reading my rambling and gushing in vanity. Until the next ramble that's over 140 characters....

Hasta Marfle!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Collegiate III

As I last discussed before on here, college hasn't been my forte. Going assignment-by-assignment in general education and not really being able to go into my true major, what I payed thousands of dollars in loans to a specialized school for, and end up focusing more on personal projects aforementionedly mentioned before.

In a last ditch effort in very last minute (read, one weekend in October), I looked into seeing if I could get certified for IT skills, do a course, and hopefully make enough to not have to worry about being dependent in a secure way, with practical skills, and use time after to persue projects and own leisures (with the joys of adult responsibility included, of course).

After a rushed search, I found Unitek, the only one that matched the critereon of "reputable school with a course under a year that doesn't require Gen eds is hands on and is fairly reasonable cost". Even after doing a tour, research into certifications and ratings (they only now brought back IT after a decade of being exclusively nursing, so reviews on my particular intent were nonexistent or otherwise would've been dated).

The only issue I would have is the commute.

I live in San Jose, and the school itself is in Fremont. While the furthest I'd be commuting yet, it could be a lot worse, and is feasible on transit (a good two-hour bus ride, but I've done this before many times *cough*Fursuitbowling*cough*). That being said, the hurdles as such were as follows (and became more apparent when I actually tested the route):
  • The area between Fremont and San Jose is the only land section in the Bay Area 'ring' that lacks a frequent rail connection (yet, though BART won't be finished for another four years), and the only public transit option is either Amtrak (too infrequent and costly), or VTA Express 181 from downtown to Fremont's BART, and an AC transit bus passing the school itself (The dwell time between the two does add up).
  • AC transit, compared to VTA, is unreliable and becomes infrequent in middle of the day (and is a different animal compared to the latter). 
  • My class would start at 8am, requiring to be out of the house no later than 6
  • I would be going reverse the peak flow (north from Silicon). Which is great because lack of traffic, but this also includes, so far, a lack of carpool routes in my vicinity to the likes of Unitek (which is nowhere near a city center/office complex and more outskirts strip mall).
So getting there and staying would take a lot of dedication.

All seemed fine and dandy, I scored higher than most on entry tests, and was pretty much ready to go save for the loan. Incidents of miscommunication happened in the mean time, which in turn got me thinking and considering if I really should finalize the loan and bind myself to another $20k obligation, given my past track record...

I have a week to decide, but even now it has me thinking, as I have for months now, about my habits, and my future, what I have planned, and what I am setting myself up to do, given I'd rather focus on my projects; applying what I learn to such in lieu of actual assignments, and thinking I'll just ending up repeating the same.

I have been thinking of just taking a year off studies to focus on Project CanisVulpes , which I know at this rate has the same amount of progress and mention as Fur Affinity getting a UI update. Honestly and embarrasingly.. or not, given current minimal interest as far as I'm aware, this is something I haven't been able to, or as much as I'd like to, work on due to having my mind set to other things, pressure, and worry to avoid biting the hand that feeds me for reasons, and stupid ones in hindsight. This past year I've been admittedly taking classes to maintain some external sense of responsibility that "working on a computer all day on a foundations for a risky art project to justify eventual funding" doesn't give, and have distracted myself due to overthinking and failed time management (because you really can't do both efficiently, and as I've learned the hard way, to my chagrin). Ironically, this is the same thought I had back in July, which nothing came out of, clearly. I kinda wonder if this is me being all bark without bite.

It is this, plus the financial leash, plus the primary reason of me taking the course, that has given me doubts into actually going forward, and as to what to do. I could be practical, and do the 9-months, but it's still a major devotion, and I'd be pushing back everything else I've been trying to work on further... and likewise, on the other hand, the added uncertainty over a project that is now 3 years old, updated sporadically with variable quality, often written at last minute, now based on memories and source over 5 years old with little character development. If anything, this isn't really the best track record to start with, much less trying to be presentable and justify turning this into an animation, and getting backing thereof despite my tireless revising and reworking to fit the animation and motion medium template. Heck, even I feel awkward mentioning this to friends because it is by no means near presentable (the comic itself is nowhere near the intended final product I have in mind, but I digress).

Nevertheless,  explaining this plan to family is a (and honestly weak, personal) challenge (as in, I never have in full) as, frankly, I am currently in no financial condition that is self-supporting should I find myself without a roof over my head, much less in a densely-packed, overpriced metropolitan area of the  San Francisco Bay. Yes, it is a tough challenge... and considering that, in hindsight, I hindered chance to learn self responsibility (and in turn personal freedom) in favor of convenience and comfort, in what may possibly be a time of discovery, where I am still young enough to make a non-life-threatening mistake but still manage to pick another path should something fail, to explore my options without major regret and still set my life out. The clock is ticking though, and I need to figure out what to do, and stick with that, I know... nothing worth having comes easy. I don't wanna merely survive, but live. Follow my nose, my passions beyond the comforting leash, so to speak.

With all of this in mind, the only question that remains, is am I truly willing to drop a costly facade of obedience for sake of convenience and risk leaving these comforts for something I truly desire?

Monday, December 8, 2014

Holiday Marflecards!

I had fun sending out cards last year that I'll be sending some again and then some this year. :)

Said cards are hand drawn by me personally, akin to, but not exclusively, this and this, plus additional designs for this year. 

Also, for a bit extra and for the fun of it, I will be sending out homemade cookies. These, in packs of three, will come in a cup with a special design. Currently have planned the usual fare of chocolate chip, and sugar, plus Nutella, but do plan on including some extras to the list (peppermint crinkle comes to mind).

If you're interested in getting a card, and/or treats to go along, please do fill out this form and I'll get on that later this week!

Also, if you happen to be in Northern California area of the Bay and are particularly active in the furry events, I can arrange to personally deliver the card and treats to local, regularly scheduled meets (eg Chicken, and to lesser extent and upon outright severe special request Frolic, among others), do let me know in footnotes and this can be set up.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Drive-Ins and Ice Rinks

November draws to a close, with the year approaching an end, the turkeys gobbled, and several civilians gaining an additional 10 pounds for the season with their inlaws, with the days after filled with leftovers, zombie zerg rush shopping, cleanup, or just a few more precious hours of quality time before splitting up again for weeks on end, doing cheesy or kitschy things for sake of the occasion. But hey, what's the holidays without 'em. 

I have a curiosity for things gone by, nostalgic/retro experiences that aren't quite as commonplace in present day. As such, I've always wanted to try out a drive in, having seen quite a bit of those on television and for a while, passing by one by the freeway back in Fresno in my early childhood years, (of which , apparently I did go to... at the young age of one). Said drive-in is now a Costco. Been meaning to do Drive-ins as a family occasion, having passing the few left over on various road trips, but keep putting it off for reasons (and, well, the fact that Drive-ins are rare as marf). In a last-minute ditch split decision one Black Friday afternoon because holiday weekend (and nothing else to do), my family and I decided to finally go out for this nostalgic novelty.

I guess you can say that I'm fortunate to have drive-ins in relatively convenient locations (read: within a 30 minute's drive) in both home locales. In this case, we opted for the Sacramento 6 Drive In, just off 50 and a good 20 minute drive.While visible and adjacent to the highway, the theater's entrance itself is off the beaten path. Almost seedy and forgotten, noticed only by a sign  tucked around the corner behind a pair of industrial office blocks containing niche tenants like Go Karts and, to top the 50s nostalgia list, a roller derby rink. 
 Nostalgia, moreso for something before one's time, does leave a bit to be desired. Being spoiled by reflective bits instead of painted lanes of past made it a bit hard to see which direction to go, not to mention the two ticket shacks amid a row , of ones since removed, surrounded by various pine trees amid a chilly cloudy autumn kinda added to the shadiness and in fact, almost not unlike something out of a horror flick.

The original plan called for doing the more family-friendly Big Hero 6 or The Book of Life, but upon entering the highway and having the younger members fall asleep along the way (and too late to turn around, being time-sensitive and having already missed a few minutes), we opted to go for Mockingjay. Turning around the lot, thru the former stands to our theater (can you call it such?), we find ourselves almost enclosed by said, with very few cars around, driving upon the mound/ramps (which, frankly, really surprised me for what I would've thought to be an otherwise flat parking lot with a screen). If anything, the lack of cars, combined with the aforementioned really gave off a bit of a Panem...ian (Panish?) feel. 

As the film went on (and more on that later), I found myself enjoying the experience. The privacy of one's car allowing for casual conversation, livetweeting, and radio-received surround sound feeling a lot more immersive than a theater. Granted, the awkward angles and lack of visibility from the rear of the car (among other things) made me realize why these venues went out of fashion, there was a certain charm to be had. Even the concession stand (however the loooooong walk may have been, restroom and all) had its own retro charm

As for Mockingjay, that film seriously left a bit to be desired. The pacing was long winded and slow, almost like they tried too hard making the book into two parts. It just felt like slow filler with an anticlimatic cliffhanger. Perhaps something as a sign, while our theater was sparingly filled, every other one that I passed along the concession stand was filled to the brim. Granted, seeing as hordes of cars came pouring in after the credits, either the film wasn't really worth watching or nobody sees earlier showings save for families. But, I digress. 

Night was still young, around  7pm, so family and I decided to check out the ice skating rink in Downtown Folsom. The rink was fairly compact, snug around a railroad turntable with wreath and lights set atop the gallows. 

It has been... I think a good 7/8 years since I last ice skated? While I have been told to be rather apt at the sport, I developed some doubt and hesitance upon seeing the rigid, rough, and choppy ice after much use (can't blame 'em, skaters gonna slice). 

I grabbed a size 12 skate, of whose blades seemed rather dull, with a rather tight opening and a ridiculous amount of wiggle room (seriously, I kept tightening and even then had trouble keeping balance before hitting the ice). Skating was, to say the least, intense. What I expected to be smooth amongst the cuts turned into a daredevil haphazard wildebeest stampede in an infinite bullpen loop, feeling each and every bump and begging for the fence. I honestly don't know how I managed to skate so smoothly in the past, either that, or the rink really was crap. 

I did manage a few laps, enjoying a the ambient music (Cha-cha slide, yeah try doing that on ice), turning into Christmas tunes as I went from fence to fence, thinking I'm smooth sailing then instant bumpy flail not unlike the above picture for roughly a good 30 minutes before calling it quits, and good timing at that - I could feel the little bits of raindrops upon exiting the rink. The drops gave way to showers (and later downpour) as family and I rushed to the car to the ambient tune of (appropriately enough) Let it Go.

And  yeah, that was a night. Thanks for taking the time to read this wall of text. If you have had any experiences at a drive in or ice skating, please do tell. 

Until next time, 

Hasta Marfle!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Marfing of Thanks

In spirit of the day, as annually, and as your inbox is flooded with such, I just wanna say...

Thank you.

Thank you furries  for cheering my life, giving amusements, and leading to new experiences over the years. Thank you to my friends for staying with me, tolerating my nuisances. Thank you enemies for making me learn my mistakes, and thank you to those that I should speak and connect more to, for you're a pleasure to be and seemed nice. Thank you family, for, well, guiding me (good intentions despite tensions) and, well, making me exist.

Thank you all, really.

Enjoy your fatty bird feast!

Sunday, November 23, 2014


I have been getting into Ingress as of late. Certainly helped encourage walking and exploration around the area, and has made my usual commute a lot more entertaining.

The other day I spent a good part of the afternoon capturing portals downtown, linking up the Resistance (yes, go blue). Almost got a field going, but alas...timing cut short, and later that night had all those portals destroyed and turned into the resistance, those green bastards.

While coincidence, I was also woken up to a sea of green, and my school becoming a field of cacti...

NOT cool, guys!
Seriously, I'm green with envy now.

Monday, November 17, 2014

PAWed out

So PAW happened and furries came. My thoughts in a nutshell:

 I paid 30 bucks for a glorified furmeet!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Collegiate II

So... yeah, college.

Last I talked I mentioned checking out Carrington for medical coding. Money-wise, I feel it's risky for me to go into something that, while bread and butter, have zero enthusiasm nor interest in.

Heck, as it wasn't even my choice in the first case, I've been left depressed at being dictated and "smothered" into what I do not want to go into.

I do not wish to invest more loan debt into something I know I will not be enthusiastic on but coerced into by internal/external nanny necessity who presume by my behaviour that I will by no means survive as an adult let alone am responsible enough to. Granted, having been in such an environment for two years hasn't helped much. I've started to believe in this self doubt (which, to my chagrin has caused further delays in projects that would possibly help in long term). It isn't fun, but I'm not sure how to escape and rebuild my confidence.


After discussing family on this over weekend, I've come to call off Carrington, to my relief. However, I still need to look further, to chagrin, in regards to career (I just wanna do what I love, however laughable that is for a millennial... god I hate that term). In essence, I'm  more lost and confused as to what to do. Looking into tech but not sure what field, just something that can occupy my Cogswell loan while I'm able to work on my project. Animation is still a passion and aim for me (however weak it may feel now due to inistial disillusion), and I would still be in such a school if it weren't for the Gen Eds preventing me from doing anything of animation beyond basic form.

Enough rambling, I shall see my options... just let me ponder.

Hasta marfle!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Surely I Must be Dreaming

The other night lead to a series of odd dreams, yeah, it sounds cheesy, but they're fun to analyze, if you can, to your own interpretation.

First off, I was in this spacey futuristic tin house,  with this horse, and various agents out to get me. This was followed by me about to head off on a train trek from Fresno (of all places) to around the country, but was so sick and dirty that I kept expelling green gunk in the shower.

Later on, I found myself getting a job in Vancouver. Or rather, a mall with various roller coasters in place of stores, with a layout not unlike the Roseville Galleria. Main entrance on north had water toboggans which I attempted to slide down on. Upon waking up, I couldn't tell fantasy from reality for a brief moment.

A night prior had me dreaming I was in a fancy field dodging a man and then suddenly finding myself at a furry party....with nobody noticing me, and suddenly getting a rash after eating chips. I woke up immediately after storm warning and quake. Checked my arms upon waking up - they were perfectly fine.

Last night was pretty much Dreamception. I woke up thrice from my dream. Both cases I dreamt that I had woken up in my room and began doing my daily routine, only ridiculously more sleepy... and only to wake up.

Feel free to interpret as you wish.. I'm gonna take a walk and ingest coffee to carry on.

Hasta Marfle!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Decaffolf November

So I'm gonna challenge myself again, as the drug of energy no longer affects me and frankly is a detriment, I'm taking a break from coffee and caffeine for a month, as a challenge and a way to ween myself off, hopefully resetting in the process.

Letsee how this goes, and if I suddenly dissolve within then next week or so.

I Need a Human

Am I stubborn? Why am I afraid of change? Have I been so sheltered and guided all my life that I am unable to think for myself? How do I solve my problems? Change with least pain?

My goals have been changing constantly this year and yet I feel like I am regressing back to childhood dreams, checking the web instead of truly being productive in the hopes of getting an answer. Am I really so weak willed and impressionable? Is it weak to want consistency? Why do I refuse to work hard for what I want? Why am I so impatient?

I question the way I was raised, but you can never change nor regain the past, only learn and apply elsewhere.

"The Devil doesn't come dressed in a red cape with pointy horns, he comes as everything you ever wished for" - Tucker Max

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Folf Logic

Interesting day that was, waking up to rain.

I spent the night before working on a fox mask. Got everything done with that.

Well... almost everything; I forgot the paint!

Anywho, didn't have much time and went to Carrington with family to get financing stuff done (and still dying inside in regards to this path).

Rain happened, and kinda threw off family plans. I wanted them to come to Campbell with me for Trick or treating with furries (kill two birds with one stone, they say), but we all decided on getting sushi and watching movies at home instead (understandable, hyperactive little sister + rain = not good mix). Personally, it felt a bit... Fresno to me, however fun it was. On an impulse, I applied folf logic for the evening, caught between two decisions for events that evening (Either trick or treat at Campbell or Party in South San Francisco). Something that I was very undecided upon until reaching Diridon, at which point folf logic went as followed:

  1. Rain happened. Seeing as the Campbell meet would be migrating to Santa Cruz, I'd rather go on something that won't swerve off the path and into the mountains (like, say, a train).
  2. I never finished that fox mask, and by the time I was at the station, the last light rail that'll make it to Campbell on time had passed in front of me.
  3. Free food?
Ended up buying a Caltrain ticket at last minute, and boy do I regret that choice. The party was a bore, and barely knew anybody. Drunk strangers popped by and police came later. Joy. Combine this with reading tweets today on the various fun times had down in Santa Cruz gave me a case of FOMO and has made me really question my decisions.

Eh, what's past is past. There's always next year.

Hasta marfle!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


So I am aware I've been neglecting Valleydog  and Project CanisVulpes as of late, so I figured I'd give a bit of low down of  what has been going on behind the scenes:

  • So yeah, I obviously did not meet the Rainfurrest deadline (which has in turn caused some depression, but I digress). 
  • I did work on two scripts and performed two read-throughs. Said scripts have and are undergoing rewriting. 
  • So far after some brainstorming and conceptualization, I have at least 6 episodes lined up. Now to convert into scripts
  • I am working on character models slowly, as well as redoing the existing cast. Some subtle, others drastic. 
  • I am hoping to have significant progress come the new year. 
Thank you for your patience, the seven of you who pay attention to this. This is seriously a major dream of mine and am willing to persue as much as I possibly can and then some.

Hasta Marfle!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Headed For the Hills

Spent the weekend up in Sacramento. Family time, but much needed vacation you might say?

Scenery porn be abound, so do enjoy the pictures, which will say a thousand words.

Side note: I tried a Starbucks secret menu item - "White Cinnamon Chai" - the other day. $5.50 for what can be best described as drinking a liquified cinnamon roll, frosting and all. Delectable diabetic dessert in a cup.

Departed San Jose Diridon one early Friday morning in what may be the quickest wake up process I've done for a vacation - up off the bed and out the door in roughly 30 minutes, meal and all, not leaving a thing behind (okay, maybe deodorant).

Met up with a fox upon arriving in Sacramento around noon time, and had some fun through the afternoon with him before taking the SacRT's Light Rail to Folsom around four.

and waiting...

and waiting...

for a good half hour past 5pm before the train arrived (which apparently had tech issues). I'd make a comment on the service, but that's another topic. tl;dr I'm spoiled by San Jose's more reliable and frequent VTA in comparison.

A good hour later I had arrived at Folsom proper to some trick-or-treating event, had what may be the best sushi dinner before spending time with family.

 Woke up on Saturday around 6.. no 8 am (seriously, these shorter days are getting to me). I snoozed, having surreal dreams until 10 am to some hearty take-out diner breakfast while bonding and catching up on Doctor Who (those 2D people... freaky).

Went out for hiking by Folsom's old powerhouse around noon.

That thing is a work of beauty. For something of a prototype, that they delivered a fraction of what now the dry Folsom lake delivers but then was surplus is quite impressive.

Plus, I have a thing for early 20th century architecture.


May have still been fresh from Doctor Whoathon, 
but why do I feel like an alien is just around the corner here?

Charmingly quaint.

Also  did some hiking to the water of Lake Natoma/American river. For being  in an urban area (okay, suburban, but still, sprawl), it's a nice little break of nature. 

Given the current drought, I'm surprised that said lake still has water (then again being directly below the dry lake kinda helps).

 Almost like something out of a Thomas Kinkade painting... 
...only less houses engulfed in flames

Later went up the foothills to El Dorado, for, like, fancy shopping. Got a fairly a good view of the expanse of sprawl. Living in the Bay Area for a couple of years can make you forget that open spaces are actually a thing.

Got lunch and groceries at Nugget, a fancy market chain in Sacramento area (that I dearly miss when living here) that can be best described as a Whole Food's decor and selection with small town service and reasonable prices.

You pretty much get a wide variety of foods and brands... like, say, this: 

The rest of the day was fairly casual and low-key, and nothing to write home about beyond further Elevations brainstorming. This lead to me pondering my own morals, feeling for the characters, with a lack of trust amongst friends followed by ambiguity thereof, and lying/bending truths to maintain a friendship. 

But it's fiction, mostly. Well, no explosions, reality-bending coyotes, and walking antennas... we hope.

Woke up on Sunday to a lazy start at 8am again and homecooked breakfast. Watched over a hyperactive sister (and wanted to show her Sailor Moon, given her love of pretending to fight monsters, but the dubs were since removed from Hulu, boo) before rest of family arrived to homecooked Filipino-style lunch. After that, it was off to Apple hill, for apple stuff of appleness. 

A good hour of travel to just past Placerville, on the foothills of the Sierras (and I swear I could see a bit of snow, too). Through winding roads until reaching these groups of stands and stores on the hill. Charming little spot, with apples and apple accessories for your fruity indulgence (and corndogs, if you desire). Chilly as hell, but, like Lake Natoma, also pleasant break into the rural wilderness.

Fun little gathering, went back to the house in Sactown, getting voicemail on phone again (yay), and then was on my way back to San Jose into the evening.

I honestly didn't expect to enjoy my time (and frankly wondering if I'm getting Stockholm syndrome for Sacramento area), but it was pleasant to say the least, and much needed. Something to look forward to in later visits; I do love a good travel.

Hasta Marfle!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Collegiate Marflebarks

It is surprisingly easy to fall off track.

Listening to Look Left's Transitions. Particularly fond of I'm Not Giving Up, Let it Follow, and Inspiration.
That dude is good for a one-man band.

College isn't working best for me. Okay, hasn't been working at all. I can't find myself to concentrate in lecture halls, and prefer to do more engaging tasks like Project CanisVulpes instead of actual homework (which I tend to put off due to the relative easiness of the tasks themselves).

In a fit of desperation, I took the familial suggestion of checking out Carrington college for a 9 month Medical Billing and coding course. While my family has a long line of being in the medical field, my aunt and I are the only two who have no interest in such, but at the very least I won't be working with patients, and it's bread/butter at very least. As long as I can work on project I shall be fine.

I tried out a commute and tour. "Campus" is in a south corner of San Jose, a wealthy suburb of Blossom hill, just off the Santa Teresa Light Rail (which, yay better direct convenience than Cogswell!). Bit skeptical, but fairly doable. Just one frequent bus ride to a frequent Light Rail train, and I could fall asleep on the latter.

Thoughts on tour and plan: I could feel myself dying inside, but whatever keeps the loans at bay while I work on my true plan, works.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Spaced Out

So NASA Ames had their open house the other day. Given such a rare opportunity (and free one at that), plus chance to finally do a rare family outing, how could I resist?

For frame of reference, NASA Ames over in Mountain View opened up their campus for the first time since the 90s, so obviously major event. What was witnessed left a lot to be desired.

Given large crowds, knowing sleep habits (and expecting an actual tour), I booked in advance tickets set for 10am.  Needless to say, we still needed to wake early, but at least not at a ridiculous hour.

Ended up waking up around 7 am, planning to leave at 8 to drive to closest Light rail station between us and NASA (because, y'know, traffic). Ended up leave a little past 9 because Filipino time, and apparently everyone else had the same idea of not parking onsite.

Such crowd

Very wait

  • 30 minute LRT to NASA/Bayshore
  • Another 30-45 minutes of waiting in a zigzag line to enter the facility and board busses. 

To say the least, not quite the best coordination, but we made it in. Passing by the empty hangar shell (which I was absolutely surprised to find it was, indeed, a barebones skeleton), we arrived at the campus proper, which, in itself, is quite pretty.


After a lunch at the food truck zone (yay 30 minute wait for sushi burrito), we were off to the biggest tease of the day - the walking tour of the NASA campus proper('s exterior walkways).

No entry.
So you get what you pay for. In this case, if you wanted to see the actual workings of the base, you needed to reserve for an extra fee well in advance. As for rest of us, well... we got stands. 

The future of space travel.
That's not to say the place was pretty (seriously, all those trees). Some of the architecture was cool, though. Like that wind tunnel. 


 This thing is huge!
Plus, exercise is always good, think I walked off that sushiritto after a good hour. Scenery porn aside, the place was underwhelming, but glad to have tried it out at very least, with knowledge of the next time this place does open up.

Now I have heard of other NASA sites being more exciting and open year round. May have been in past, or this is just one of the more... formal sites, closed off for the sole reason of nothing much in public eye. 

It was a good day. Tiring yes, but experience. You get what you pay for. 

Hasta marfle!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Reaching Elevations

Instant Coffee is by no means a suitable substitute for regular coffee.

I've been doing some on and off work regarding Elevations as I recover from a Rainfurrest burnout, and frankly, act of desperation. I've done some external research to better help in forming story. What I had planned to be a simple "Valleydog in the Bay Area" in similar slice-of-life fashion is starting to transform into something more... serial.

The more I think about it, and combined with my own personal experiences of actually living in the Bay, the more I feel the story be more concrete than just a college dog rooming with a bear and having wild adventures. Like, there needs to be a true sense of conflict. An antagonist.

It'll come to me.

Likewise, the initial setting, San Francisco, proved to be a challenge to work with without stepping onto stereotypes due to my own lack of, well, actual experience in the city beyond quick visits and whatever SF Gate posts. Looking elsewhere, eliminating the obvious (Santa Clara/San Jose is, frankly, a giant suburb and nothing to write home about), I tried to get as close to the city without actually being in city proper.

The solution? A fictitious town along the Peninsula, Santa Alta.

^Really cruddy phonepic of a quickly drawn map.

Partly based on various Peninsula towns (cities?), chiefly South San Francisco and San Bruno.

Okay, so South San Francisco only without 101 right next to the main street.

With that came the main setting, an old apartment above a crepe shop, just by the train station.

As for the antagonist, I did some research, and brainstormed a dingo, Edward Kiln. Suave, but flaky. A con man who had a habit of betraying those who took him in, easily manipulating others, and runs a posse of rats and coyotes, spies so to speak, keeping track of happenings and interactions with an Ethiopian Wolf named Elliot King - a silent recluse - or is one at beginning of story. I won't reveal much further beyond things go berserk when Max, the main character, a husky, finds himself under the care of Elliot for the night.

The only issue I do have so far is figuring out the relationships to the characters, like, how the marf are they all connected. I guess I could use Henry Montague's baking service as a connection, but it's a stretch.

Anywho, rambling I be. Thanks for reading, and hasta marfles!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tsukini Kawatte, Oshoki yo!

Had a dream the other night, while I cannot recall bulk of it, I can attest to it containing the following:

    Something about the Moon Princess and Sailor V in Seattle.
    LA's Metro Blue line being expanded hap-hazardly through desert hills to get to Santa Monica via the OC

 Feel free to analyze the above however you wish.

Okay, so I have been watching a fair bit of Sailor Moon and I am hooked! It may be a simple story, and frankly a girly bit of childhood nostalgia, but coming from not paying much attention to it as a kid and watching it now (combined with low standards courtesy Nostalgia Critic), the storyline is surprisingly captivating. Plus all the narm kinda has a charm to it. Like it doesn't take itself seriously, which is cute!

That and the music. Such groove, very 60s.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

So, Yeah, Rainfurrest

Writing under a dose of concrud and extreme PCD so things may be muddy...

Rainfurrest was definitely a unique experience. Different from BLFC and FC. Definitely a lot cozier, and felt a lot more like a vacation than a convention. Though, think this had more to do with my lost sense of time...and oddly awakening at 10am opposed to usual 8am. Anywho, quick rundown of things that involved, per usual of these reviews...

Tuesday+Wednesday (Travel time):

Arrive at San Jose Diridon Station around 7, checked my bags in, and await patiently for a train delayed by roughly one hour, and took a walk about the area to pass the time before led to platform and walked aboard a rather crowded coach car, unpacked my fox pillow and attempted snooze (having pulled allnighter prior for reasons, this and fixing sleep schedule included), I learned the hard way that despite acquiring sleep debt, I could only catch zzzs when the train was in motion. Needless to say, that night was filled with:

*A 30-minute stop just north of Santa Clara to let a local Capitol train pass by.
*One hour stationary at Oakland (later revealed to be due to toilet repair); ended up passing time via Doctor Who (Time Heist braindrain... scary)
*Undiscernable time somepoint in Benicia/Suisun Wetlands
*Extended stop with the bright Sacramento lights
*Smooth sailing from thereon out, but at the point of roughly 2am, I soon understood why that one particular line was known as the 'Coast Starlate'.

Somehow I managed to get enough sleep, or refreshed enough... Sun started to rise around the dry Shasta lake, and grabbed some breakfast (yay free coffee), and more/less any and all grudges from the night before disappeared upon full daylight and the journey became a rather relaxing and scenic pilgrimage all the way up to Seattle.


Such beauty

I arrived at King Street downtown Roughly 9:40pm (miraculously 1 hour behind schedule) to one of the most gorgeous stations possible, walked across to the Link train, and glided down to SeaTac airport, where I met   fraddas and walked with him towards the Hilton, rested for a bit with excess coffee power, met up with @PathHyena and, for lack of better words... crashed shortly after.

Thursday -

Seattle day. Woke up around 10am very slowly, with then roomies putting up fursuits in posessed situations. After impulse persuasion, and quick running into with   keenyfox I hurried to the Hotel's main hall and waited in line... to wait in line... for registration. Pushed back a bit behind schedule, but no complaints. I got my badge, putting on my trenchcoat (for predicted rain, and misplacing my normal jacket at the time, and headed for the Emerald city via Link...

Now this is riding in style!

...and arriving at Westlake a bit past noon, grabbing a bite at a group of food trucks parked on the park (yay balsamic italian... surprisingly good), and begin tourist stages of the journey... via monorail!

...and suddenly gaining a fear of heights at the Space Needle (seriously, those elevators gave me sudden vertigo, and I swear the uneven concrete made me uneasy on the deck)... didn't stay long beyond a quick, obligatory panoramic lookaround

 and a good hour and $20 later found myself back on terra firma, marching towards the EMP museum which was a surprisingly fun experience compared to seven years ago.

Entering to see a giant concert hall of music videos, props of Sci-fi and Fantasy, and interactive instruments. I think I spent roughly a good couple of hours in that tourist trap (which, in hindsight, now sounds sad, but pleasant fun).

Around this time, my mistake in using a trenchcoat caught up to me as the clouds gave way to sunny skies (I swear I brought California with me). Things started to warm up. Nevertheless, I checked out one last thing - Pike's Place Market - explored the many layers... which, I seriously wish I explored more of; that old-fashioned place just goes on and on! Nevertheless, I felt the need to return, stopped by the first Starbucks , grabbed a reserve, and boarded the link back...

Looks so indie!

At the moment I boarded a crowded, rush-hour train, I realized that I forgot to check Pioneer square and underground.... my restraint from the door prompted me to consider "another time", melting in my roo upon my return, and beginning my con experience. Which pretty much involved (and more/less cycled thru this process for next few days) going to room to rest, wandering the halls and taking random pics of suiters, chatting with   calicoyote, and running into a whole bunch of Bay Area furries as if I never left.

Went to the main stage that evening and witnessed what may be the most entertaining opening ceremonies I have witnessed (which may or may not have to do with   peppercoyote's performance). This was followed by roamings, and also running into plus chatting with said coyote (very delightful, and elated with his enthusiasm and joy). This was proceeded to running into/hanging with   bigtig,   hornetv2 among others.. proceeded to join   alphapak, @Temporary_Yote, @PathHyena, and @DaDoberDog for dinner at (regrettably tasty) Thirteen coins. At this point I lost sense of time, as it was suddenly midnight. I ran into more furries and then called it a night.

Friday -

Did some shopping in the Dealers den, running into more local furs, acquiring Kyell Gold's latest book (per persuasion of corgi), and stocking up on caffeine soaps. Proceeded to do usual roaming, before attacked (patially eaten?) by a hyena, then sent on my merry way for dinner of Teriyaki, making it in time for Pepper's show which outright surprised (and amazed) me by how he's pretty much a one-man(yote?) band.

I just love the hotel gardens, 'kay?

After the show, I contemplated going into the hot tub (a decision I later regret not making due to events that happened the next day), but instead did the dance... holy marf RF's lighting... plus retro music... was a huge highlight personally. Compared to (BL)FC, it was marfin' mesmerizing. Just after, I went to   fraddas and   lakota_lander's party of cards and music. Feeling sleepy, I proceeded to head back to Hilton and crash past 1 am; thoughts filled with animal people... even when I close my eyes... for a con of this size, it felt very casual and it was that night that I realized why RF was very favorable in terms of West Coast cons.

Saturday -

Embarrassing moments ensue.

I woke up to finding out that I was both a loud snorer and heavy sleeper... begun usual rounds of noms and roamings, again attacked by a hyena (seriously, I'm like a gazelle at this point). The skies were unusually sunny, and lacking prior planning (or rather, losing said plans when traveling), lost track of all the writing events I had planned to attend.

I found a few more local furs (you know who you are, and I don't recall your FA names), walked along for a bit, and attended the Variety show of musical performances (again, props to the lighting, Pepper, and Alex... and other acts... you all did well!)... I did another dance (again, props on lighting), before calling it a night.

Sunday -

Well this day went by quickly... did breakfast at Denny's with Path Hyena and three coyotes (and a tiger?), checked in with my Virgin flight home in advance. By this point, it was mid-afternoon. I took a swim (they said it was heated!), got early onset PCD, witnessed the closing ceremonies (which was heartwarming, and ended the con on a high note), saying hellos and goodbyes to random furries, acquiring some candy, and checking out the dead doge dance before initiating packing for the final day, and sleeping for the night.

Monday -

Well, that was an adventure. Woke up around 6 to my flight being delayed. I washed up, did some final packing (followed by zipper mishaps.... gonna have to rid of this giant bag), and headed off to SeaTac airport. Around 11am (Roughly two hours later than planned), I entered my Virgin with two local furries, entering sun-dried California and SFO (first time actually finding my house from the air) around 1:30, and headed my way home on what could be best summed up as public transit trip from hell... with signs of con crud (felt tired, congested, and chilly... probably aggravated from plane. Upon my return in the evening, I just crashed in my bed... frankly, it felt as if the con never happened, being back so quickly.

Overall, looking back, the con was fun. Glad I went, and never at all did it feel like it was the 4th largest. More smaller.

However, I swear it also felt underwhelming. Like, despite all the lead up and excitement it was all done in the blink of an eye. Might also have been my own cause; perhaps given the saturation of furry events here as well as the past two cons, I may have been rather desensitized at this point, and felt moreso towards the end and then now. Like, it started high then dwindled.

FC's large size ironically made it pretty easy to run into folks personally, and the urban environment made the place feel more "warm", like taking over downtown for a resort... it felt like a destination, and major event.

For BLFC, the roommates were the highlight of the con, never a dull moment, and never missed an event due to the one-room space.

RF... it was cozy, but felt for like an escape vacation than a con.

Plus, save for one person, I never managed to talk about and further brainstorm my projects. Shame.

Nevertheless, it was a con. Back to normal human/marfle mode until January. Joy!

Nevertheless, lessons learned and taken account into for chance of next year.