Sunday, October 2, 2011

CaliFolf Commissioning

I've been meaning to do this for a while, plus I have been asked on occasion, so I figured I better start offering commissions!

Here is my pricing as follows with availability. If you need any clarifications, please contact me.

Sketches (Traditional only) - 3 spots
Quick character sketch - free
Example -

Images (Digital only)

Character 'bust' - 2 spots
Simple color/ two-tone 'fade' background - $5
Examples -

Character w/background - 1 spot
Simple setting - $15
Action/'story' setting $15-$20, negotiable

Examples -

Multiple Characters
$1 per additional character in addition to above pricing, max 5 chars per commission image

Landscapes - $25

Badges (Traditional + Digital) - 5 spots traditional/3 spots digital
Simple color - $3
Simple Design in background - $5
Multiple colors w/ optional design (Digital only) - $6

LimitationsPG 13 MAX. I will not draw anything overtly violent, bloody, gory, squeamish, and/or ridiculously depressing. If you have doubts on something, contact me, 'tis negotiable. Please keep in mind that details take time, and that one can't rush art. I will not draw my fursona, or any of my characters (Valleydog included) in such situations. I will not draw anything that is considered illegal.

Please be specific with what you want when commissioning, saying "draw what you want" will lead to your disappointment and the result won't be your money's worth. Rough lining will be sent to you to track progress and allow input. Only in the rough stage is the work malleable. Work on commissions will begin only once payment has been received. If, outside of external influence (illness, overbearing schoolwork, tech problems, or other emergencies) with prior informing of the commissioner, I fail to finish said commission on or before the estimated deadline, I will refund you. Please be reasonable and understand I have a life as well; please do not ask me every single day about the status as I will keep you personally posted on that. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

If you are interested in commissioning, please email me with what you have in mind. I look forward to hearing from you all!