Monday, October 27, 2014

Headed For the Hills

Spent the weekend up in Sacramento. Family time, but much needed vacation you might say?

Scenery porn be abound, so do enjoy the pictures, which will say a thousand words.

Side note: I tried a Starbucks secret menu item - "White Cinnamon Chai" - the other day. $5.50 for what can be best described as drinking a liquified cinnamon roll, frosting and all. Delectable diabetic dessert in a cup.

Departed San Jose Diridon one early Friday morning in what may be the quickest wake up process I've done for a vacation - up off the bed and out the door in roughly 30 minutes, meal and all, not leaving a thing behind (okay, maybe deodorant).

Met up with a fox upon arriving in Sacramento around noon time, and had some fun through the afternoon with him before taking the SacRT's Light Rail to Folsom around four.

and waiting...

and waiting...

for a good half hour past 5pm before the train arrived (which apparently had tech issues). I'd make a comment on the service, but that's another topic. tl;dr I'm spoiled by San Jose's more reliable and frequent VTA in comparison.

A good hour later I had arrived at Folsom proper to some trick-or-treating event, had what may be the best sushi dinner before spending time with family.

 Woke up on Saturday around 6.. no 8 am (seriously, these shorter days are getting to me). I snoozed, having surreal dreams until 10 am to some hearty take-out diner breakfast while bonding and catching up on Doctor Who (those 2D people... freaky).

Went out for hiking by Folsom's old powerhouse around noon.

That thing is a work of beauty. For something of a prototype, that they delivered a fraction of what now the dry Folsom lake delivers but then was surplus is quite impressive.

Plus, I have a thing for early 20th century architecture.


May have still been fresh from Doctor Whoathon, 
but why do I feel like an alien is just around the corner here?

Charmingly quaint.

Also  did some hiking to the water of Lake Natoma/American river. For being  in an urban area (okay, suburban, but still, sprawl), it's a nice little break of nature. 

Given the current drought, I'm surprised that said lake still has water (then again being directly below the dry lake kinda helps).

 Almost like something out of a Thomas Kinkade painting... 
...only less houses engulfed in flames

Later went up the foothills to El Dorado, for, like, fancy shopping. Got a fairly a good view of the expanse of sprawl. Living in the Bay Area for a couple of years can make you forget that open spaces are actually a thing.

Got lunch and groceries at Nugget, a fancy market chain in Sacramento area (that I dearly miss when living here) that can be best described as a Whole Food's decor and selection with small town service and reasonable prices.

You pretty much get a wide variety of foods and brands... like, say, this: 

The rest of the day was fairly casual and low-key, and nothing to write home about beyond further Elevations brainstorming. This lead to me pondering my own morals, feeling for the characters, with a lack of trust amongst friends followed by ambiguity thereof, and lying/bending truths to maintain a friendship. 

But it's fiction, mostly. Well, no explosions, reality-bending coyotes, and walking antennas... we hope.

Woke up on Sunday to a lazy start at 8am again and homecooked breakfast. Watched over a hyperactive sister (and wanted to show her Sailor Moon, given her love of pretending to fight monsters, but the dubs were since removed from Hulu, boo) before rest of family arrived to homecooked Filipino-style lunch. After that, it was off to Apple hill, for apple stuff of appleness. 

A good hour of travel to just past Placerville, on the foothills of the Sierras (and I swear I could see a bit of snow, too). Through winding roads until reaching these groups of stands and stores on the hill. Charming little spot, with apples and apple accessories for your fruity indulgence (and corndogs, if you desire). Chilly as hell, but, like Lake Natoma, also pleasant break into the rural wilderness.

Fun little gathering, went back to the house in Sactown, getting voicemail on phone again (yay), and then was on my way back to San Jose into the evening.

I honestly didn't expect to enjoy my time (and frankly wondering if I'm getting Stockholm syndrome for Sacramento area), but it was pleasant to say the least, and much needed. Something to look forward to in later visits; I do love a good travel.

Hasta Marfle!

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