Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tsukini Kawatte, Oshoki yo!

Had a dream the other night, while I cannot recall bulk of it, I can attest to it containing the following:

    Something about the Moon Princess and Sailor V in Seattle.
    LA's Metro Blue line being expanded hap-hazardly through desert hills to get to Santa Monica via the OC

 Feel free to analyze the above however you wish.

Okay, so I have been watching a fair bit of Sailor Moon and I am hooked! It may be a simple story, and frankly a girly bit of childhood nostalgia, but coming from not paying much attention to it as a kid and watching it now (combined with low standards courtesy Nostalgia Critic), the storyline is surprisingly captivating. Plus all the narm kinda has a charm to it. Like it doesn't take itself seriously, which is cute!

That and the music. Such groove, very 60s.

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