Thursday, November 6, 2014

Surely I Must be Dreaming

The other night lead to a series of odd dreams, yeah, it sounds cheesy, but they're fun to analyze, if you can, to your own interpretation.

First off, I was in this spacey futuristic tin house,  with this horse, and various agents out to get me. This was followed by me about to head off on a train trek from Fresno (of all places) to around the country, but was so sick and dirty that I kept expelling green gunk in the shower.

Later on, I found myself getting a job in Vancouver. Or rather, a mall with various roller coasters in place of stores, with a layout not unlike the Roseville Galleria. Main entrance on north had water toboggans which I attempted to slide down on. Upon waking up, I couldn't tell fantasy from reality for a brief moment.

A night prior had me dreaming I was in a fancy field dodging a man and then suddenly finding myself at a furry party....with nobody noticing me, and suddenly getting a rash after eating chips. I woke up immediately after storm warning and quake. Checked my arms upon waking up - they were perfectly fine.

Last night was pretty much Dreamception. I woke up thrice from my dream. Both cases I dreamt that I had woken up in my room and began doing my daily routine, only ridiculously more sleepy... and only to wake up.

Feel free to interpret as you wish.. I'm gonna take a walk and ingest coffee to carry on.

Hasta Marfle!

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