Thursday, July 28, 2011


Greetings, fellow readers!

I have been curious on how I'm doing, so out of curiosity and to avoid the evil and narcissistic "I r uh graiyte arteest" mindset X3, I'd like to hear from you all, my fellow watchers. ^.^

So, as such I hath created a fun little survey of sorts. I'd like you all to honestly and thoughtfully respond (ideally more than a word, and nothing sarcastic, either) to the questions below in a comment. What will I do with these? Read them, make notes, and put them into consideration; one of the best ways to improve is not only through practice, but constructive critique and feedback. I look forward to hearing your input!

Note: If you have responded to this elsewhere (like on FA and dA), then feel free to overlook this post.

1. How did you find me/what motivated you to watch me?

2. What do you like most about my art?

3. What is something that I could improve on in my art?

4. Of all the submissions I have posted on here, which one is your favorite? What is it about that submission that you like?

5. What style do you think my art best fits/is reminiscent of?

6. Out of curiosity, what would you like me to post more of and/or try drawing? (excluding the obvious, of course)

7. Looking through my gallery, would you say that I have improved over time?

8. Overall, how do you feel about my artwork?

9. Cookie? =3

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Of Comics and Viewership

Just thought I'd punch some numbers before going to bed and compared the average viewership of Mark (remember that? =p) and Valleydog, the result was surprisingly not surprising:

Mark average viewership (based on averaging FA views of all 19 strips) - 40

Valleydog Average viewership (based on the last four update days) - 374

While it is a shame that Mark didn't last, we all have to move on sometime, and I have a feeling Valleydog is going to live to its potential ^.^

Saturday, July 16, 2011

SoCal Trip in Review

Hello there! I may be a bit late in posting this (I returned on Sunday). But hey, better late than never! =^.^=

The rail trip was fun, save for the massive red-light delays, retro-80s trivia games, and phones dying from forgotten chargers. I have thoroughly enjoyed the features not found on the California Trains (like true Dining cars and lounges), and save for not getting to the Coast for much of the trip, the view was outstanding! Of course, aside from those plusses, it made me realize that California runs their trains a lot better than the National Amtrak, but that's another story that I'll elaborate on in a later post. Regardless, I have realized that the clickety-clack of the trains makes it difficult to draw well; no matter what medium you're using, you're bound to make a mistake due to sudden movement x.x

Anyways, I spent the following to days in LA visiting Family, going to the LA County Museum, as well as Universal. The museum was larger than I expected, and was pretty neat. They had a Tim Burton exhibit going on, which was...interesting. The huge contrast between his early, cartoony work and the current 'Nightmare Before Xmas' Style is rather jarring.

As for Universal, I'll some it up like this:
* Good, but could be better
* BTTF > Simpsons
* Too many rides squirting water at you, to the point that it's an obvious gimmick.
* Terminator is dated, a Portal ride seems like a fitting replacement.
* Regardless, I feel Disneyland still has a better value, although Citywalk is pretty neat.

And People do, indeed, use LA's Subways (yes, they do exist) - I could hardly find a seat on the crowded trains @.@

Anyways, to avoid the broken record syndrome, that should do it. Now, to get some sleep! ^.^

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vacation Trip Time

'tis summer, and thus time for my annual tradition of a California Coastal Trip!

However, there's a twist to this; I'm taking the Coast Starlight train down to LA instead of the usual Pacific Coast Highway. This shall be an interesting trip. X3

Save for the day of rail travel to LA, I'll spending the weekend down there, heading to places that I haven't been to in a while and, on a side note, will be performing a 'combo breaker' in the process (Every time I went to LA since '06 I've also visited Disneyland, but this year, that will not be the case).

Typically, this usually means logging off until I return, but since the advent of smartphones, this is impossible..... kinda (certain tasks are difficult on a small screen). And I might bring my computer along, so I could keep in touch depending on connectivity (Apparently the Coast Starlight has WiFi)..

For those interested on a 'live' report, and would like to see oceans, mountains, and tourists, you know where to go. ^^

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Annual Fourth Bloggal

Happy Fourth of July to all Americans! Have fun, be safe! ^.^

Oh, and happy belated Canada Day to all Canadians!