Saturday, January 28, 2012

Interesting Night (AKA the "First World Problem" Journal =P)

So I went out for dinner tonight, decided to eat downtown, and promptly took a bus there. However, upon arriving, indecision hit and I spent an hour or so mindlessly wondering figuring out where exactly to eat. Began considering the usual spots, eventually eliminating whilst walking around based on what I wasn't feeling for. Alas, nothing stood out and I settled for a usual place: Mikuni sushi. However, it became apparent as I walked there that it along with neighboring restaurants had sprawling waits at the door. Granted, dining downtown on a Friday Night and expecting little wait is a rather derpy assumption. After a few more walking (yes, I'm that indecisive, and downtown is fairly tightly packed), I remembered of a nearby Mediterranean place that I haven't been to in a long while, and promptly headed there. Surprisingly, it wasn't as crowded as everywhere else and the food was good.

After dinner, I started walking to a nearby bus stop when I saw a bus pass by in the opposite direction. Quickly, I texted the 'nextbus' service thingy. "No upcoming bus for this stop" was the response. How odd, I thought. I assumed it was a bug and walked to the Train Station to grab a physical bus schedule. As it turns out, much to my shagrin, all bus services end at 7 pm on Fridays ( for time reference, I had left the restaurant around half past that). After thinking for a bit, and realizing that a taxi wouldn't be all that practical, I decided to just walk the way home.

Now, at first I hesitated this, but then I realized my hesitation was just pure paranoia - I only lived roughly 2 miles away, which isn't really that far when I thought about it, and despite Davis giving off a ridiculously creepy feel at night, there was really no real danger to walking across town other than tired feet. So then I set foot, and began a long, yet surprisingly peaceful walk. Walking was rather refreshing, and almost soothing in a way. The weather wasn't too bad either with a slight breeze but otherwise clear skies; so clear that I briefly stopped halfway at a grassy area to look up at the stars, 'twas such a pretty sight. Alas, 40 minutes after I left the station, I finally arrived home, and spent the rest of the night resting up from that.

So yeah, had a fairly interesting night. Now I have the urge to go see the stars at night whenever I can. That, and also make a DMV appointment ASAP. X3