Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Collegiate Marflebarks

It is surprisingly easy to fall off track.

Listening to Look Left's Transitions. Particularly fond of I'm Not Giving Up, Let it Follow, and Inspiration.
That dude is good for a one-man band.

College isn't working best for me. Okay, hasn't been working at all. I can't find myself to concentrate in lecture halls, and prefer to do more engaging tasks like Project CanisVulpes instead of actual homework (which I tend to put off due to the relative easiness of the tasks themselves).

In a fit of desperation, I took the familial suggestion of checking out Carrington college for a 9 month Medical Billing and coding course. While my family has a long line of being in the medical field, my aunt and I are the only two who have no interest in such, but at the very least I won't be working with patients, and it's bread/butter at very least. As long as I can work on project I shall be fine.

I tried out a commute and tour. "Campus" is in a south corner of San Jose, a wealthy suburb of Blossom hill, just off the Santa Teresa Light Rail (which, yay better direct convenience than Cogswell!). Bit skeptical, but fairly doable. Just one frequent bus ride to a frequent Light Rail train, and I could fall asleep on the latter.

Thoughts on tour and plan: I could feel myself dying inside, but whatever keeps the loans at bay while I work on my true plan, works.

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