Thursday, May 5, 2011

CoffeeCoffeeCoffee 8D

(Cross-posted from FA)

I broke my embargo from fully-caffeinated coffee on Wednesday.

That morning I had a small cup of regular coffee as part of breakfast. Immediately after that, I biked en route to school. However, knowing that I would eventually crash in an hour or so, I detoured to Starbucks and ordered a Venti Double-shot White Mocha.

Queue the massive jolt.

As soon as I entered class, the effects of caffeine started having a major effect on me (something that hasn't happened in months) and my hands started slightly shaking; I couldn't type without making typos, and it took some effort to write well. On the upside, though, I was more lively and talkative than usual. I felt like a stereotypical fox.

Around lunch time, I started to feel the effects wear off, so I did something I now regret - going to the convenience store and getting another cup of coffee (french vanilla flavored). No effect, save for massive body rejection shortly after school.

Now I did go to a coffeehouse afterwards, though to work on Valleydog and other art under air conditioning (it has become rather hot recently). Rather than getting coffee, I opted for italian soda (which, I must say, seems quite light and is rather tasty).

So, all-in-all, I've learned that day why I stopped with (caffeinated) coffee for months now - despite being beneficial at first, it can be rather awful if one drinks a lot in a short period of time x.x