Monday, July 28, 2014

Project CanisVulpes

The clock is ticking,  I've been meaning to discuss this,  and best to get this idea, of which I've had cooking for years, off the ground and soon; big challenge and all.

What is Project CanisVulpes?

Long story short, web animation project involving Valleydog.

Why animation? Because I feel the current comic format of once-a-week pages isn't the most effective for the stories (which, frankly, shouldn't really last months), and really don't allow for much character development personally, with such a posting date; most just walking in won't get a grasp unless they archive binge (which I doubt is unlikely from get-go). Plus a majority of recent pages done can be easily converted into rigs and backgrounds if needbe.

Why Valleydog? While I did have another idea in mind, Valleydog is more developed, and thus will be theoretically easier and faster to work with, by having materials (characters, stories, etc) already there, plus chance to expand on via characters, settings, and stories a lot more for shorter time span. Also, as mentioned, the comic itself is designed visually to be 'animation ready' with a few cosmetic revisions as needed. There is a lot of potential that can be readily and easily unlocked in this format compared to static comics.

What is Valleydog?  Long story short, a young, finicky, booksmart sheltered Coyote by name of Francis Gris is forced to move west from Washington, DC to a small town in California that is unknowingly filled with eccentric personalities, in which he must get himself acquainted (and possibly assimilated) into semi-suburban, neo-hipster NorCal culture.

So What's the plan? Sixteen 15-minute webisodes (plus shorter shorts) that will initially be published online via YouTube Channels (and/or other video sharing sites), for ease of viewing and accessibility.

How is This Feasible? I'm not looking for anything grand (well, aiming decent quality at least). Animations will, initially, and for practical reasons, be via Flash (which, in itself, is a tool; if used right, can achieve impressive results). Funding will be, ideally, achieved via crowdfunding (Looking into Patreon, specifically), with enough to just cover what is needed. This isn't a solo project; in no way can I do this alone, and thus asking and seeking those who can and willing to help.

What am I looking for? Not much, just a handful.

  • Voices
  • Basic artists and those with time on hands to lend a helping hand (will be pitching in as well on this end; we all play part =P)
  • Writers for proofreading and consistency
  • (Least important) Musician
This does seem like an ambitious project, and I am not really expecting much response and enthusiasm from this. Frankly, not looking for anything professional/high class for the sake of profit; just pure fun and passion (as I otherwise would not have started this in first place).

Already in the past month I have worked on stories for shorts and redesigns of characters, as well as finished a pilot script awaiting a table-read (once appropriate voices are acquired), before moving on elsewhere, while still working on more notes and designs. Ideally, I want to try to get this off the ground (or at least walking somewhat) come Rainfurrest time.

If you are interested in supporting/taking part as a peasant victim volunteer into this mad idea, send me a note/PM/DM/email :)

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to seeing this go through :) 

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