Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Elevations Connection: Timelines and Premonitions


When I set the release schedule back in September of 2015, I did not expect my own mental state to get the better of me. A 9 to 5 job surprisingly cuts back a lot of downtime.

Since March I've had a series of personal moments that will be better left for another journal.
At this point, I've fallen so far behind that I will be unable to make my end goal of finishing the story by November, which I find crucial for a simple reason.

I wrote the story with a message, a message that becomes less relevant with the passing of time. Rather, because for the geographical importance of the setting to the plot, I have had this fear, that as more and more leave the bay and state as the expensive joke as it is, the story would be ridiculed with it. I started the idea in 2013. A lot has changed since, and plenty more will. It’s this drive of doing it now or lose the chance that keeps me going, and it’s my own failure to do so that frustrates me.

Even the ending itself, while planned to be heartwarming, is likely to be impractical in reality. While I do have additional story arcs planned after this, I am likely to play “wait and see” until midway through the story and gauge reactions as to whether or not to continue the series after.

I have a wandering mind, so it’s no surprise that I evade work when pressing and only at last minute. Oh, wait, that’s the sign of a slacker! Same difference. I kinda overestimate my work ethic.  Hahahahaaaaaa….

Okay, I’m going insane. But I will leave a few notes on production here, and maybe retroactively include some insights on the Chapter 3 in a later post. However, I’d like to leave a few highlights:

  • I got a new computer back in May. With that came a transition of software away from Photoshop because I’m cheap to something a little more open. After trial and error, I settled for Krita. While it has made art production a little bit longer, I do love the wide array of brushes leading to a much smoother look.

  • I have also been meeting up with a story consultant since mid-June to help fine-tune the current arc as well as further fleshing out of characters. Given the current chapter break, I will use this opportunity to document the takeaways from each meeting and how they apply to the comic at the time.

Anywho, the past is the past, and may we embrace the future! I aim to have Act 2 out on the update stream by late July, and hopefully catching up by then. Thank you to the few who keep up on this. You guys mean a lot.