Tuesday, September 23, 2014

RF RF ARF ARFARFARF! (Rainfurrest/Seattle/Week Plans)

AKA that thing Mike can't stop tweeting about.

So, after three (two?) years of ill-fated attempts, I'm finally off to Rainfurrest! Been looking forward to this, not just the con, but also visiting Seattle (which I haven't visited in nearly a decade). The excitement has been so much that, frankly, it bit into my work ethic all summer (which, to my chagrin, delayed the very project I wanted to get off the ground by this time, but I digress).

Anywho, for those interested in the mundane activities, and wish to stalk/follow, meetup during the con, here be plan so far:

I'm leaving the great Valley of Silicons tonight around 8:30 pm aboard the great chariot of Amtrak, Coasting along the Starlight and arriving in Seattle the next day, roughly 24 hours later. From that point, I will take another train down to SeaTac, and find refuge in the humble abode that is the Hilton.

The following day, Thursday, is more/less my "Seattle Day"; Given that much of the con won't pick up until Friday onwards, I figured I'd spend a day exploring downtown a la tourist (Needle, Monorail, Pike's, Starbucks, etc), and returning to hotel that evening.

Friday onwards is all up in the air, while I have a few panels/events that I definitely wanna attend to, I'm more than happy to hang out and bore you to death with my awkward discussions of coyotes and delayed projects.

Come Monday morning, I shall be entering a Virgin (America), flying back to Friscotown... and immediately starting school again later in the day (yay mood whiplash).

If you're interested in meeting up, feel free to contact in any way you can, stalk me on twitter (which, you probably are already), and marf at me. Any more details, refer to this meme.

Hasta Marfle!

PS, while the odds of anybody actually doing this is highly unlikely, if you're a Portlandian, and will still be in town, care to send a dozen of Voodoo donuts to Union Station? I'm a curious folf and the train will be stopping by in mid/late afternoon with a 30-minute layover. I'll pay you back proportionately.