Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Folf Logic

Interesting day that was, waking up to rain.

I spent the night before working on a fox mask. Got everything done with that.

Well... almost everything; I forgot the paint!

Anywho, didn't have much time and went to Carrington with family to get financing stuff done (and still dying inside in regards to this path).

Rain happened, and kinda threw off family plans. I wanted them to come to Campbell with me for Trick or treating with furries (kill two birds with one stone, they say), but we all decided on getting sushi and watching movies at home instead (understandable, hyperactive little sister + rain = not good mix). Personally, it felt a bit... Fresno to me, however fun it was. On an impulse, I applied folf logic for the evening, caught between two decisions for events that evening (Either trick or treat at Campbell or Party in South San Francisco). Something that I was very undecided upon until reaching Diridon, at which point folf logic went as followed:

  1. Rain happened. Seeing as the Campbell meet would be migrating to Santa Cruz, I'd rather go on something that won't swerve off the path and into the mountains (like, say, a train).
  2. I never finished that fox mask, and by the time I was at the station, the last light rail that'll make it to Campbell on time had passed in front of me.
  3. Free food?
Ended up buying a Caltrain ticket at last minute, and boy do I regret that choice. The party was a bore, and barely knew anybody. Drunk strangers popped by and police came later. Joy. Combine this with reading tweets today on the various fun times had down in Santa Cruz gave me a case of FOMO and has made me really question my decisions.

Eh, what's past is past. There's always next year.

Hasta marfle!

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