Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Elevations: Informations Dump (What is this comic thing?)

One month to go, and given how close to we are to release as well as me finally gathering enough materials to work with sanely, I figured it'd be best to finally fully announce this little project of mine that I won't expect much out of: CanisVulpes Elevations.

This is webcomic project 2-3 years in the making with a story planned to last for at least a year (and many more to come, depending thereafter), so believe me, being able to finally announce this (and likely even more when the web launch happens) makes me filled with personal glee.

The current storyline (codenamed Elias-Sutro), thus far centers around Terrance Coda, a young, bright-eyed husky whose curiosity winds up getting himself and others involved in an adventure that would change everyone's lives forever.

I originally planned for this to be a published series, but at last minute (read: past summer) switched to web release (go you guys, y'all now be able to read this for free). That said, the series itself will still be separated into four volumes (or 'Acts'), roughly four chapters in length.

Each act is planned to be roughly 4-5 chapters in length with a release schedule initially starting at thrice a week (MWF) then moving to Mon-Fri once workload eases and buffer of pages are built up.

In order to maintain being a human and allow time to catch up, there will be a one-week break between chapters, and one month break between acts. This leaves a tentative release schedule as follows:

* Act One: Commencation (October 19)

* Act Two: Escalation (April 2016)

* Act Three: Desolation (Summer 2016)

* Act Four: Vindication (Fall 2016)

On top of a regular comic release schedule, every week or so (aiming for Thursday), I'll add a post on the Marflelog detailing extra information, trivia, details about the comic and work that went into thereof (tentatively titled Elevations: Connection), possibly relevant to the pages posted that week (because holy marf there is a lot that went into the (pre)production of this), as well as a tumblr "Omnibus" every other week/five pages for those who would rather read an compiled version as opposed to one page at a time.

Yeah, it's ambitious, but holy marf will this be fun to make! This is a story I've been working on for quite some time and am so looking forward to telling. Hopefully by the end of Act 2 you'll come to enjoy this as much as I did making it.

The website itself has yet to be set up (a major reason for the delay in release among other things), but I plan on having that taken care of this weekend, with the site itself announced when it's more/less pretty (hopefully BEFORE October 19).

That said, expect more art as well over time, especially as the release date gets closer (granted, of course, on my own well being).

Anywho, this is getting all wall of text and odds are likely I'm missing out important information (whether by intent or not), but I'll likely include at a later date.

If you've read this way through, I commend you! Looking forward to having you read come October. Until then...

Hasta Marfle!

Thursday, September 3, 2015


2/3 done with month, 1/2 done with decade. Time flies.

Comic progressing at faster pace and should be ready by late September/EarlyOctober (yay schedule slip for quality). I really want to reveal more on this and been meaning to, but holding back until I have sizeable content (read: website) up and running. Do expect much more content this month as I get things ready compared to the silence of August (if anything, I put blame on erratic progress to mythical magical horses).

I start interning come next week (what is time management) that will take up much of the week (what is time management) and oh boy does the time fly on that (what is time management). Also been up and down on things... calling it the 'Valleydog' dilemma, which I'll probably flesh out on a later post as it seems to be more personal than anything and irrelevant to art (tl;dr ideas and pace of working to express such end up with a lead time of 3+ years and a chance of becoming irrelevant... or just me overthinking).  If anything, more creative inspiration.

I just wish I could be dedicated, motivated, and draw a lot faster, free of distraction and worry. Time ticks, and things change...or not...but ever subtly. Maybe its the disillusionment that comes from early morning wakefulness.

La vie est drole!