Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Little Biggy Debriefing

A weekend convention went by in the blink of an eye (and one that has honestly felt very much different than the past years). It was good, and quite honestly nothing too eventful to debrief day by day in full essay fashion (seriously, I don't think I've ever done this since the first...maybe?).
Okay, so this did turn out into an essay. I began typing this on the day of, semi-fresh-from-the-con, and it's still somewhat surreal knowing that I was in a Nevada casino surrounded by animals just little over 36 hours before and even then last morning.

I'm, like, running on a mix of PCD and happy, nostalgic wags (and no con crud, yay?).

First off, I had no doubts on BLFC pulling off their theme (and was curiously anxious with how they'd do so), and boy did they raise the bar this year (granted, participation from the attendees... and holy marf there's far too many). There was seriously much fun had (I mean, quelling drama llama, however brief), the severe amount of propoganda, the PA announcements (which I believe much more cons should do), and the inevitable resistance/choppy censorship (go resistance)... it just played off ever so well. So much so that I'm looking forward to playing out the follow-up next year (if that is, indeed the actual theme; the con has been silent on next year's full details).

Second, I began to notice how... derpy it was to coordinate things with furs (or rather, my own personal shyness... at a dogmarfing furry convention, getting the better of me). I recall walking back and forth between the two halls (holy marf that Dealer's room was like a TARDIS), running into furries I may/may not have known while in a seeming hurry all con to find/get in touch with certain people (you know who you are, apologies on skipping out), or possibly spend time with, only to pull the usual "30 second small talk greeting then walk away", followed by awkward silence of seeing who else is around and random marfing.

This may also have had to do with the splitting of rooms for size, which kinda detracted the sense of 'unity' the past years had, but is kinda understandable due to the titanic con growth.

On the flip side, it was a delight to see furs I'd never imagine meeting before, and interacting with those I'd otherwise never get a chance, as well as spending time with those I rarely get the chance to. It was at this point I truly realized the unique diversity that comes with furries. Also, go karts are fun, and I fail at bowling (usual). Parties, while they were for the most part a fun highlight until their shutdown, were a mixed bag . I drank light for the most part should...things happen, and, well... the aforementioned in terms of socializing (of which I will not dwell on further publicly). But, still great to be able to finally attend such festivities (wooooo).

Most of the time, and moreso towards the end of days, however, I had began to feel severe burnout of furries. Like, just, severe over exposure to talking animals that I'd just rather crawl up into the room and write/draw solo (which I actually did on Saturday night after the post-party mayhem).

The ride to the con was personally unique. I traveled with a couple of furs in an RV helmed by a collie. Leaving around noon, briefly experiencing some heavy rain to the tune of Ylvis, going through a familiar central valley and into the Sierras with a light Donner drizzle, the fellow co-riders certainly helped make what would've otherwise been a long 4-hour trip go by rather quickly, if not entertaining. On the way back, however, to put it lightly, I don't think doing a trip home on purely land-based public transit, complete with navigating San Francisco during rush hour, forgetting of such and said plan taking over 12 hours, was such a wise idea.

Props and much appreciation to (among many, many others)...
  • My roommates, Hornet and Jake, who have been friendly, and good humored. I am glad to have met and get to have known them over the weekend.
  • Oreo Collie for being the leader and driver of the caravan to con and co-riders for the journey for company and building up anticipation.
  • Spalding for putting up with me and the long journey back home.
  • Palomino because I say neigh.
  • Fraddas and Lakota for rawrs.
  • Roman Otter and Cannon for channeling my inner Lutrae
  • Stoic Wolf because ottersBrometheus Bear Buddy the Husky because viva la resistance!
  • Tyco and all related staff for managing to pull off such a great con; seriously this couldn't have been done without y'all, and I really appreciate what you've done. Keep it up!
  • And everyone else I've crossed paths with this con because there's far, far, too many to list who have, in some way or another, help shed some positive light

As for future cons... I'm at the point of wanting to focus on getting life on track and college/career resorted out and dealt with beforehand. I want to do MWFF and TFF (blame hyenas), but up in air at the moment and kinda wait and see. I'd rather go to a con that's in a place worth visiting than spend an entire weekend solely within a hotel, to be honest.... or we shall see... c'est la vie.

Stop growing BLFC, you're a marfing mammoth.... but I still love ya and will seeya again next year