Sunday, August 5, 2012

From the Mind of the Folf - of Entertainment, Creativity, and Productivity

There's a saying I heard before that goes "There are those who want to entertain, and there are those who want to be entertained" I find myself in the middle leaning evermore to the former. If something fails to amuse me, I make amusement.

Essentially, I've developed a mindset where the less I spend idling and/or watching something when I could be spending more time creating and making something that may be of potential enjoyment, the better.

I guess I pretty much have the feeling and/or urge to be active, busy, and the like; a strive to be productive, to always be doing something. Granted, I'm easily distracted, and can very easily loose track (which is why I tend to work better when collaborating, if not for reminders then to just be able to bounce of ideas during a creative process).

Anyways, 'tis 2 in the morning, and I should be heading to bed. To all who have bothered to read this random rambling, I thank you and bid you all a goodnight.