Wednesday, December 31, 2014


So the year as come and gone in the blink of an eye... as is tradition, I figured I'd actually take this seriously and lay out some personal resolutions for 2015:
  • Be more sociable, empathetic, stop being so quiet and actually take initiative to talk and speak out thoroughly.
  • Improve time management, and organizing. Focus on a task, avoiding 21st century distractions, suffer thru what needs to be done first and bask in leisure later (a lesson I've had to learn the hard way). Perform check lists, utilize calendar for more than leisure.
  • Get at least two works of fictions out. Be it infamous Valleydog or Elevations or whatever comes to mind. At the very least focus on that work and not whine about lack of appreciation for something that hasn't even been fleshed out yet. 
  • Reduce vanity. 
  • Save up and begin process for employment and moving out, cut ties with family without being forced to burn bridges. Improve financing.
  • Be happy, genuine positive outlook and not just derpy.
  • Stop relying on twitter as lifeblood; reduce tweet output and focus on more worthwhile work. People don't stop thinking about you if you log off for a bit.
  • Be more active (the most generic of resolutions, I know).
  • Don't be afraid of input and review. A punch in the face is good for improvement.
  • Actually stay dedicated to a task

    Of course, whether or not these actually will stay in place is debatable (as they usually are), but definitely gives some thought. Considering habits, I really do need to watch myself, keep notes on these if I were to achieve them (coming from one who hoped to get Valleydog animated come Winter 2013.... I'm an amitious thinker?).

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