Thursday, July 10, 2014

New Comic Pitch (Project Elevations)

Just something written up for an upcoming comic idea in the works... 

In the Small town of Santa Alta, CA on the shores of San Francisco Bay, lies a creperie cafe, off the corner of 5th and Montel. Above the cafe lives a middle-aged, reserved, and cynical yet stoic and sage Nathaniel Montague and his goofy, hyper, adorkably college-aged housemate Maxwell Hayward. Nathaniel is forced to house Max and act as mentor per the Landlords request via six degrees of separation. Max commutes south for class as a film student, while Nathaniel operates a series of fresh-baked cookie food trucks in the city and East Bay. The two occasionally go on adventures around the bay to mixed results, and  make connections in their careers, of which intertwine surprisingly, for better or for worse.
 Shall flesh out further over time, and already have plans set for this should things go forth. Feel free to give thoughts if you'd like.

Hasta Marfle!

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