Sunday, July 6, 2014

Becoming the Mask

Just something that came to mind, and felt ever more apparent in these past two years, and even moreso as of late.

To those who have been involved in the fandom, local community, or otherwise, do you feel like and/or find yourself identifying more and more with your furry self/life? I necessarily mean, like, feeling like an actual animal and living a la lifestylers (I still consider myself human. Heck, even my fursona is just me as a fox/wolf thing), but more of like having lives just meld together, so to speak. Like, I am accustomed to hearing animal noises and names nearly everywhere that it's become the norm, almost routinely mundane. More than half the friends and folks I talk to go by animal-based names, even I am known more here and elsewhere as "Mike Folf" than my actual name to point of doing doubletakes when hearing the latter/having to sign such (if you're curious, look up the 90s band 'Voice of the Beehive').

Not really complaining though, just an interesting thought.. maybe it's because I seem to be surrounded by hundreds of furries in a ten-mile radius, or the sharp increase in furry meets as of late.. or I'm just getting more involved and this is just a side effect, the new normal personally.


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