Thursday, July 17, 2014

Off Model

It's been an off week (or month) for me, balancing projects (or rather, figuring out which one to actually dedicate time to, despite having thought over this several times this year and actually making a decision last month. Perhaps my increased distraction isn't really helping matters (seriously, I haven't been this unfocused since 2010... kinda concerns me. It's an old habit of mine that arises again; whenever I have plenty I need to do, I freeze and sleep on it to deal with later, and end up doing nothing #ProcrastinationFolf

I wanna change that, and been trying for a while.

I'm taking care (along with several friends and writers) in getting the basics of Project CanisVulpes done writing wise, as the coyotes take my time artwise, prepping up the dead tree edition of Valleydog, as well as related art in regards to such and the project. Around this point the perfectionism and self-consciousness arises, as I know I can do better, freaking with each anatomy error tipping on the A.Ricky issue (Having glaring mistakes with pose/anatomy resulting in a stiff, chubby/short character yet calling it "good" and ready for publicity).

I never fully created the characters of Valleydog (Save for Francis), yet the basic premise and idea were of my plan; 'twas a friend of mine, in highschool, who offered to help... long story short; it didn't last and I took over as I didn't wanna scrap the idea.... with plenty of rough edges and starts as I tried to get to know the cast while reforming to my plan as it went on..... with varied results. I wanna work on Valleydog further; I have ideas and dialogues that, witty and funny, fit best in the context of its Davis, CA expy Charter High School setting, while I try to make it feel 'relatable' to an average audience instead of a severe niche, and soon; many of these ideas are based on true stories. As I get older, and these stories are based on what are now memories (up to 5 years old at this point); things get muddled, and thus the effect isn't as full as it was. In fact, had I kept on schedule (which if I did I would be insane at this point), this would've been the comic's penultimate year, ending on June 2015 (in fact, I already have the final storyline written down; left for easy revising for prior character developments).

On that note, I find myself despising doing story arcs for the very reason of time. Given the comic runs (or is supposed to run) once a week at very least, the average storyline (of, say a simple task) can take months to resolve. Given the tame nature of the comic thereof, 'tis nothing really exciting to wait for, and thus I feel that, frankly, the comic format isn't really suitable for Valleydog, and hence plan to incorporate such into Project CanisVulpes (more on that later)

On the topic of  writing and relevance, I find myself ever more enticed to forgo Valleydog (of which I'm mainly using solely because I have the most ready material to work with) and jump to Elevations instead due to such being more "free" and open to develop further, plus more personally relevant to my current life, for said project.

Anywhom, 'tis three in the morning, and I should sleep. Feel free to leave your two cents, and I appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Thanks, and hasta marfle!

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