Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Folfdate #3 - Breaktime Primavera!

Next week is my Spring Break, and I shall be taking advantage of my travels. Well... to the best of my budget.

My initial plan was to purchase a CA RailPass (apparently they exist and seem like a pretty good deal) and visit furs and friends across the state. However, the added cost of computer repair borked that plan.

Granted, I have formed an alternate plan - I shall be heading around, though severely downsizing. Per suggestion of Family, I will be spending much of the week in the Bay Area (Specifically South Bay/Santa Clara/San Jose Area) and will be exploring the area and possibly attend a meet or two. Later in that week, I'll be heading down the Central Valley to visit more friends, furs, and Family.

'tis all a last-minute idea, so this shall be a fun, exciting thing to do :-P

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