Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Folfdate #1 - Commission Changes

So, just a few changes I've been meaning to implement with commissioning. First off, my computer is, as of typing, in shop (will explain this later) so all owed art that involves digital work (all but sketches) will be put on hold until Friday. Nevertheless, here be the changes implemented beginning this Friday:

 - Free sketches removed. This was an error on my part, reasons be rather obvious from a monetary standpoint
 - For the month of April (and I've been meaning to announce this earlier), in a fundraising effort all proceeds from commissions will go to my school's Senior Trip (SoCal - Disneyland, Beach, Foothills - we're short several in funds); reason for this month only is, simply put, all has to be paid for come May. So, if ye would like to help in funding, feel free to commish!
 - Prices are negotiable; all you see on this chart is just the base price. Depending on the content, we can set the price to a more appropriate level.
 - Content is also negotiable: contact me for more details on this, I reserve the right to refuse select content for any reason.

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