Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Folfdate #2 - Personal Stuff

Plenty of things be abound these past few days. I originally was gonna wall-of-text this, but I figured summarizing is better =P -

First off, that one tech issue I had with my Laptop returned... permanently; the screen blacked out completely. I brought it to a local repair store on Monday and discovered that the issue was something different than I thought (the screen itself and not the inverter - LED and not LCD). Nevertheless, just got a call today that the problem has been fixed (screen replaced) and I shall be picking it up on Friday.

Second, I have been feeling varying amounts of Chest pain as of late - from soreness, to a slight sting, to a dropping feel, to even a grinding/itch along the center. While I'm technically a bit young to have a cardiac arrest, I'm gonna be getting it checked tomorrow. Hopefully it isn't anything major.

Third, just a reminder, I am open for commissions - and all proceeds will be going towards my school and the Senior trip. If you're interested in art of varying kinds, or your character drawn in my style, do send me a massage sometime soon!

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