Thursday, July 28, 2011


Greetings, fellow readers!

I have been curious on how I'm doing, so out of curiosity and to avoid the evil and narcissistic "I r uh graiyte arteest" mindset X3, I'd like to hear from you all, my fellow watchers. ^.^

So, as such I hath created a fun little survey of sorts. I'd like you all to honestly and thoughtfully respond (ideally more than a word, and nothing sarcastic, either) to the questions below in a comment. What will I do with these? Read them, make notes, and put them into consideration; one of the best ways to improve is not only through practice, but constructive critique and feedback. I look forward to hearing your input!

Note: If you have responded to this elsewhere (like on FA and dA), then feel free to overlook this post.

1. How did you find me/what motivated you to watch me?

2. What do you like most about my art?

3. What is something that I could improve on in my art?

4. Of all the submissions I have posted on here, which one is your favorite? What is it about that submission that you like?

5. What style do you think my art best fits/is reminiscent of?

6. Out of curiosity, what would you like me to post more of and/or try drawing? (excluding the obvious, of course)

7. Looking through my gallery, would you say that I have improved over time?

8. Overall, how do you feel about my artwork?

9. Cookie? =3

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