Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vacation Trip Time

'tis summer, and thus time for my annual tradition of a California Coastal Trip!

However, there's a twist to this; I'm taking the Coast Starlight train down to LA instead of the usual Pacific Coast Highway. This shall be an interesting trip. X3

Save for the day of rail travel to LA, I'll spending the weekend down there, heading to places that I haven't been to in a while and, on a side note, will be performing a 'combo breaker' in the process (Every time I went to LA since '06 I've also visited Disneyland, but this year, that will not be the case).

Typically, this usually means logging off until I return, but since the advent of smartphones, this is impossible..... kinda (certain tasks are difficult on a small screen). And I might bring my computer along, so I could keep in touch depending on connectivity (Apparently the Coast Starlight has WiFi)..

For those interested on a 'live' report, and would like to see oceans, mountains, and tourists, you know where to go. ^^

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