Thursday, July 30, 2015


For all intents and purposes of the glorious logic bomb that is Marfletime I'm preemptively deeming it August.

July was a quick month, an odd month, but I actually got things started. Feels good to have a sense of productivity without knowing the return, but all in genuine passion and good fun (seriously, I haven't been this legitimately pumped for a project in a long time, now to get enough material in beforehand).

This/last month did bring in a 'case of the feels', so to speak that I did not expect. But everything is temporary, and learning to appreciate what I have in the present to not take as granted as I have in the past. Nothing is permanent, especially in an environment of uncertain, often frequent change that goes against the mere concept of stability. A new stage of my life will begin in one month's time that I never planned for when moving three years ago. Hell, even now I feel different than how I was back then, yet still similar with having inherent flaws of past biting my tail through the marfs.

It's weird. Life is weird. Marfing is weird.

But anywho, new comic Elevations slated to launch in late September. The pages are in the making (and some of you have been sent the first page as preview; I'm impressed with your thoughts on the style and all), and I should have the first chapter at minimum ready by then. Do expect to see more material, images, promos, and journal posts as time goes on. I'm sparing nothing that doesn't slip my mind with this tiny little comic project :)

Hasta Marfle!

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