Thursday, September 3, 2015


2/3 done with month, 1/2 done with decade. Time flies.

Comic progressing at faster pace and should be ready by late September/EarlyOctober (yay schedule slip for quality). I really want to reveal more on this and been meaning to, but holding back until I have sizeable content (read: website) up and running. Do expect much more content this month as I get things ready compared to the silence of August (if anything, I put blame on erratic progress to mythical magical horses).

I start interning come next week (what is time management) that will take up much of the week (what is time management) and oh boy does the time fly on that (what is time management). Also been up and down on things... calling it the 'Valleydog' dilemma, which I'll probably flesh out on a later post as it seems to be more personal than anything and irrelevant to art (tl;dr ideas and pace of working to express such end up with a lead time of 3+ years and a chance of becoming irrelevant... or just me overthinking).  If anything, more creative inspiration.

I just wish I could be dedicated, motivated, and draw a lot faster, free of distraction and worry. Time ticks, and things change...or not...but ever subtly. Maybe its the disillusionment that comes from early morning wakefulness.

La vie est drole!

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