Friday, April 22, 2016

Elevations Connection: Bear and the Dog

The very first concept poster of Elevations, circa June 2014.

This post covers Pages 46, 47, and 48... though technically, this and the next two posts pretty much apply to the current arc.

 The story of Elevations began back in 2013 as a very simple one: A husky and a bear living in the Bay Area. Rather, it was about a dog and another species in the Bay Area. Nothing else beyond a simple slice of life, with geographical humor not unlike my previous project, Valleydog. In fact, Elevations was originally conceived as a follow-up to that comic (much so that for a while, I codenamed this BAVS: Bay Area Valleydog Sequel/Spinoff), with some characters originating from that comic starring in this one. It made sense, as San Francisco was only a couple hours' drive from Sacramento, Valleydog's semi-setting.

Over time, my experience in actually living in the Bay made me realize that simply poking fun at the Bay Area was the equivalent of acknowledging that the sky is blue on a clear day (and wouldn't have that big a reach nor age well), and the idea evolved to be a vague adventure about the harsh realities, in sharp contrast to the bright friendly serenity that Valleydog had before inevitably cutting off ties with that comic altogether. 

Despite that change, there has been one constant: Two characters have been around since the very beginning. Throughout the following week, I will share a little bit of detail on Terrance Coda and Santana Winchester, their origin the changes they've had during development.

Let the tales begin!

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