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MWFF Recap – Saturday – Losing It and Suiting Up

Epilogue – Monday – Sleepy Birthday

 View fom Hyatt's Executive Wing. Our hotel just bast the left bronze tube.

Today was the day I lost everything.

Another day of sleeping in, which was nice… but oh, wait, there was the sponsor brunch! Only 20 minutes to go until it starts! Midwest Furfest was the first con I actually bothered to sponsor; the perks seemed very tempting, and I could actually afford to treat myself. 

But where’s my ticket? I can’t get the food without it. I scramble around the room, waking up my roomies in the process… eventually I found it in my backpack of all places… but where’s my badges? Repeat the process to find them under my backpack.

But, wait… my wallet!

I did find that, but a good hour was spent, and you can imagine the looks on my roommates’ faces.

So, Lakota and I took the hike to the brunch, which itself was a delightful with its assortment of hotel catered foods. I was hesitant on snatching the food as I was still on a “healthy eat” mode, and then I went “eff it” and binged on the meats, the eggs, the wiiiide array of desserts. 

  Sponsor Brunch Options

Sponsor Brunch Space

The brunch space was huge and if a bit daunting. This was probably one of the few times I felt the size of the con in the sense of being in a big pond. I couldn’t find anyone familiar in the sea of furries. It was akin to a grade school cafeteria. This didn't last as I did run into a few familiar furries, and to my surprise a table of locals. The socialization was enjoyable. I gotta wonder, does it make one cliquey to prefer a group of familiar individuals? I wonder. 

We all soon parted ways. I walked around a bit and spent some time with a few canines before suiting up for the Fursuit Menagerie – MFF’s alternative to the parade that was started by FWA and improved by BLFC. I never got a chance to check out either in person, but I was impressed and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere compared to the parade which as, honestly, become routine. While I did miss what I think was a group shoot, I did make it in time for the orange and yellow photoshoot.

Image courtesy SeanC from FurAffinity and Flickr

Speaking of, if any of your readers have any photos of that photoshoot, please, please please send them my way!
I then suited around some more and headed up to meet Nightflurry and a few more animals. Apparently they were captivated by a mysterious domed structure in the distance, of which we later discovered to be a temple. One of the furries found it on streetview and enabled it on an android VR. I took that for a speed run, and boy, the streetview in VR is so immersive, I had to remind myself I’m not really in motion. 

There's a temple in here somewhere.

The chilling was brief, however, as I had to do some practice for the group dance opening number. I haven’t practiced as much as I thought I would, so the time was very helpful if not fun to see a few familiar faces like Arcturus, Rowland, and other noted dancers. My coordination, however, left a lot to be desired. 

Post-dance wine.

Two hours pass by and evening sets... boy, did I actually do anything this con? I do a quick stop in the con suite to refresh, passing by many furries waiting in line for what I would've thought was the veriety show. Turns out, it was Floor Wars (which I still to this day have no idea what it is)..   I decide to opt for the less crowded variety show.

Midwest Fupfest

Either it's the timing or the event showing it's age but something about the show just felt...lacking. Like the crowd was light and the entertainment sparse... nothing too major. That said, the acts I did see were enjoyable, with some humor inside (no, I had missed the proposal). I did meet a few more familiar furs, CaliCoyote, whom I hope had a delightful time at the con, and Waffles, a very adorable raccoon.

 Variety Show Excerpt

Waffles and I decided to forego the rest of the show and spend some time together back in the Doubletree. He's a lot of fun to be with, honestly. 

Dinner soon called... and the plot for deep dish was running short. Apparently Saturday night is a popular time for pizza places, like, what the odds? So instead of waiting forever, I opted to order a generic deep dish for the room. Eta? 10:30. Better be worth the $40. Waffles opted to stay until then.

 Fox by the Tree
We were soon joined by Vox popping by and spent some chill time before roaming the lobby for some holiday photos..which apparently the Double has a second floor mezzanine perfect for, with a collection of assorted Christmas trees and nary a soul in sight.

The deep dish came in and boy... it was huge! The hype was real. As far as pizza goes, this is a giant tomato bread bowl!

Waffles and I soon parted ways, and Vox headed out to the con floor. Lakota and I opted to stay in the room and just rest.

I wasn't sure if it was the pizza or the distance to the con, but Lakota and I just didn't feel like going back to the con. I think we both agreed: we're just getting old, and the motivation isn't there.

It's only midnight, at the highest point of the con, and here we are, inside the room. I used to stay up until 3am and now I'm too tired past midnight.

What happened?

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  1. I agree with most of what you said, except I do stay up at the rave until 3:00 a.m. Floor wars is a dance comp for a team of 3 competing against another team of 3 and narrowed down until one team is the winner.