Friday, October 9, 2015

Elevations Connections: Caution to the Wind

Don't wait for the time to come, throw caution to the wind and seize the moments standing outside your door!
 - Elevations, Act I intro excerpt

Imagine yourself lead with little else but your imagination and legends in your head. You're excited and amazed by this brand new world that's now not just outside your door, but all around you. It's the very ground you walk on, the very air you breathe, the very people you now see every day.

Isn't it amazing? 

This is the story of a young dog who's fresh into adulthood finding himself in a new place, and one of his dreams; a paradise. This story, the story of Elevations, will send this dog into the wildest of adventures in this self-proclaimed paradise.

The concept of Elevations, is one that has been brewing in my mind for the past three years. I've been wanting to do a comic, a story based in San Francisco for many reasons thereof. The mere fact of me living here for three years now, learning stories, legends and history thereof, as well as gaining many new experiences of my own during that time. I hope and look forward to in having these experiences churn out what may possibly be the most ambitious and epic tale I've done so far (though in fairness the last thing I did was about a high school coyote of inconsistency), and that in one year's time this will be worth the effort in the end.

Ambitious this is! Plenty of research and planning went into the preplanning and writing of Elevations. The whole point of this journal series, Elevations Connections, is to show once a week, every week (likely on a Friday), random details and trivia about what went into the comic pages for that week, or elements in the comic for the week.

The quote on top is an excerpt from a potential introductory monologue from Terry, the young dog,'s perspective. Found it fitting, as I, myself continuously found myself waiting until the right time, or staying to avoid offending. This became a major issue when it comes to writing, and moreso as time rolls on... or at least until I said "marf it", and went with this anyway. To anyone else around, to marf with others' thoughts. A story is a story, and hesitance perpetuates the uncertainty that held me back with this project.

With all said, however, with ten more days to go as of typing in Pacific Daylight time, I am glad to to finally getting this done and ready to go, and I hope you do, too, come the 19th.

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