Monday, February 13, 2012

Trip Planning, Folf Style

Step 1 - List out all the places you'd wanna go in the upcoming months that isn't a day trip ( e.g. LA/SoCal/DL, AC, WDW, TDR, Seattle)

Step 2 - Downsize and focus on one, then figure out ways of getting there (e.g. Train or Plane)

Step 3 - Compare the costs, see both choices have the same price, and opt the more fun option if travel time allows (Overnight train) with the belief that you can save up for it.

Step 4 - Proceed to ponder and add extras (aka onboard sleeper), see price increase, and start to worry a bit.

Step 5 - Add essentials to the added price (food, lodging, emergency, roughly $150), proceed to panic and faint

Step 6 - Do either of the following: a) crawl to a corner and permanently cringe at sticker shock or b) realize the impracticalities and just opt to fly, or severely downsize and go thrifty.

Step 7 - Give up all hope, or skip to Step 8

Step 8 - Proceed with plan and start saving


  1. Or you could always visit a tigerwolf in Emeryville and pay $20 on amtrak ^^

    1. True... but that's just a mere day trip, not a long-distance vacation :p